Topics: Old age, Geriatrics, Family Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Today I’m going to talk about our house- how we feel in them, what they mean in our life. In my opinion our homes plays very important part in our life. Here we spend the most time, because here we sleep, play, learn, displeased with the family and just populated.”my home is my castle” and this phrase shows everything. We feel safe at home, so we can call it your home like your castle. Here runs the most beautiful moments of life, childhood, various Event, and adventures and always remain beautiful memories which we tell our friends and relatives.

But it is only in good families. Many children do not have their parents, there are people who do not have own home,they are moving from place to place,or homeless people who just live in the streets or in the shelters. Many older people live in nursing homes. So these people do not have own home, in which can feel like in their castle.

Perhaps the most relevant is the children's homes. Many children leave their parents to their fate, they care less or just do not care for. Or it is very painful to watch when many children is growing up without their parents,and they do not have who would hug them in the evening, follow the tale and so on. Such children are cared for in children’s homes, but it can not be called these children own home. Because always about these children is strange people. However, there are children who live there til 18 years old, so sometimes it is no choice anymore as a children's home called my home...

Also similarly people lives in old people’s homes. There they also live without relatives, sometimes they feel very lonely and unwanted.

In my opinion in these houses you never feel like in your home. After all, only at home feel safe and secure. So I wish that every person in the world would have own loving family and their own house-castle.
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