Eth125 Week 8 Quiz 5

Topics: Disability, Ageing, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 Pages: 7 (1159 words) Published: June 19, 2014
ETH 125
Week 8 Quiz # 5 Chapter: 17
Age and Disability

This is a multiple choice quiz and each item is worth two points for a total possible of 60 points. There is only one correct response for each numbered item, and you should use the Schaefer text as needed to determine the best response. Please write the letter of your answer on the line next to each question or highlight your answer. Review your work prior to submission and make sure you have responded to all questions. Save your work and upload via the Assignments tab by the due date.

__________| 1.| According to the text, the analogy that best describes United States society today is| | | a.| the salad bowl.|
b.| chop suey.|
c.| the melting pot.|
d.| the kaleidoscope.|

__________| 2.| The elderly share the characteristics of minority groups in which of the following ways?| | | a.| voluntary membership|
b.| out-group marriages|
c.| unequal treatment in employment|
d.| weak sense of group solidarity|

__________| 3.| One crucial difference between the elderly and other subordinate or minority groups is that| | | a.| the elderly do not experience unequal treatment.| b.| the elderly have a weak sense of group solidarity.|

c.| older people are likely to marry people of different ages.| d.| all who live long enough will have the ascribed status of being an older person.|

__________| 4.| The dramatic increase in the number of people aged 65 and older is a consequence of which of the following?| | | a.| declining mortality rates|
b.| immigrant sponsorship of older relatives|
c.| increases in the number of Americans with health insurance| d.| all of these|

__________| 5.| Compared with the rest of the population, the elderly are more likely to be| | | a.| White.|
b.| male.|
c.| living in a home with young children.|
d.| all of these|

__________| 6.| Compared to the rest of the population, the elderly are more likely to be| | | a.| Asian.|
b.| female.|
c.| living in extended family households.|
d.| wealthy.|

__________| 7.| Ageism is the phrase coined by Robert Butler to refer to| | | a.| prejudice and discrimination against the elderly.| b.| employment policies for the elderly.|
c.| romance in later life.|
d.| positive attitudes toward the elderly.|

__________| 8.| The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) went into effect in| | | a.| 1968|
b.| 1958|
c.| 1978|
d.| 1988|

__________| 9.| The perception of "elderly" and ______ is practically synonymous has changed in recent years.| | | a.| "frail"|
b.| "poor"|
c.| "unhealthy"|
d.| "obese"|

__________| 10.| Older workers are an asset to employers in which of the following ways?| | | a.| They fill affirmative action quotas.|
b.| They have lower rates of absenteeism.|
c.| They take shorter breaks.|
d.| They are more honest.|

__________| 11.| The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed to protect| | | a.| young workers with little experience entering the labor market.| b.| workers over 55 from wage discrimination.|

c.| confidentiality of age records.|
d.| workers 40 years of age or older from being fired.|

__________| 12.| The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that employers have the burden to prove laying off older workers is not based on age but __________.| | | a.| "some reasonable factor"|
b.| "on age discrimination"|
c.| "bias for younger workers"|
d.| none of these|

__________| 13.| Which of the following is true about worker protections based on age?| | | a.| Firing workers because they are old violates federal law.| b.| Firing an older worker to replace them with someone over the age of 40.| c.| Courts have upheld the right of businesses to lay off...
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