Ethics - Walmart Case Study

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Human rights Pages: 20 (5080 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Assignment #3:
Corporate Ethics Report Card:

|Tools of Organizational Design – Structure & Systems |Yes/No/Date/$ | | |No info/Comments | | | | |Management Practices & Consumer Relations | | |Code of Ethics |Yes; outlined in the “Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics” | |Code Updated Within Last Five Years |Yes; last revision of the “Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics” | | |occurred January 1, 2005 | |Annual Sign-Off |No; last signing of the Wal-Mart | | |Code of Ethics was when the code | | |was last revised (2005) | |Mission Statement |Yes | |List of Values |Yes; Wal-Mart’s statement of ethics has three main | | |beliefs; respect for the individual, service to customers | | |and the strive for excellence, as well as ten core values,| | |including, “be honest and fair, never discriminate against| | |anyone, and follow the law at all times, and never act (or| | |tell someone to act) unethically” | |Ethics Ombudsman or Hotline |Yes; people in Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States | | |can call the “Wal-Mart Ethics Hot-line” at 1-800-WMETHIC | | |(963-8442). | |Whistle Blower Protection |Inconclusive | | | | | | | |Equity & Family | | |Women on Board |Three out of the fifteen Wal-Mart Board of Directors are | | |women. (20%). | |Women in Senior Management |Five women listed as holding ‘Senior Officer’ positions in| | |2007 Annual Report, out of twenty-six Senior Officer | | |titles (19%), such as Leslie Dach (Executive Vice | | |President of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations). | | |Also, according to “Wal-Mart’s...

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