Exploitation Purposes (Prostitution) in Southern Africa Before, During & After the 2010 Fifa World Cup Games

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SANTAC Rapid Assessment
on the possible Abuse & Trafficking of Children for Sexual
Exploitation Purposes (Prostitution) in Southern Africa
before, during & after the 2010 FIFA World Cup Games
The case of Zambia & Namibia
conducted from July to Sep. 2008
Presented at SANTAC Regional & National Conference on Preventions Interventions against Child Trafficking:
Sharing Lessons Learned and Developing Ways Forward
Pestana Rovuma Hotel and Conference Centre, Maputo 8-9 Oct. 2008 by Merab Kambamu Kiremire
Initiator/Director of MAPODE
(Movement of Community Action for the Prevention and Protection of Young People against Poverty, Destitution, Diseases & Exploitation) Zambia, Uganda & Namibia)

Vice President of SANTAC General Assembly
P.O. Box 40833, Windhoek, Namibia
E-mails: merabkambamukiremire@yahoo.co.uk, mapode@iway.na;

• This study followed the Maputo Dec. 2007
Referral System mtng which recognized that:
• Soccer, today, as the World’s contemporary Mega
sport, stands as the most popular sporting event
• It attracts millions & millions of corporate &
individual financiers, players, administrators &
• It generates billions upon billions of revenues
• It commands social, economic & political power
and influence

Background: FIFA World Cup, Leisure & Tourism
- Like all other games, soccer games are closely associated with leisure
-So, during these World Cup games, it is not only the players, soccer administrators and national government representatives who travel for the games but thousands upon thousands of soccer funs travel to watch the games too.

-During and after the games, such travelers also take time to rest, see new places and indulge in modern-day pleasures of good food, shopping, site-seeing and learning new things.
-Consequently, by its very nature, soccer is associated with tourism

-Such leisure and indulgence, often times, encompasses sex
This is why such travels are associated with the contemporary trend of sex tourism otherwise popularly referred to as sex

Background (cont)
• Every 4 years FIFA organizes/hosts World Cup
games in a chosen member nation
• The last World Cup games took place in Germany
in 2006
• For the first time in the history of FIFA the African
Continent, will, in 2010 host the World Cup,
together with all its global fraternity, in
Johannesburg, South Africa
• Angola will host the African Cup of Nations in
which 48 of the 53 African Nations will be
• Qualifying games will be played in various South
African cities as well as neighbouring countries
such as Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique

SANTAC Rapid Assessment Question

• Is 2010 WC all good news to
Southern Africa?
• What else could be strapped on FIFA 2010 Games’

Justification of the question: Lessons from the Germany World Cup Games Soccer, Prostitution & Human Trafficking

• On the eve of the 2006 German World Cup, the
President of the German Police Union, Konrad
Freiberg observed that the demand for prostitutes and
the influx of prostitutes dramatically increased
• Germany’s response was regulation of prostitution
prior to the WC games
• The 4 week Germany WC tournament is believed to
have left huge boom on Germany’s sex industry with
an estimated 40,000 young women/girls mainly from
poorer European countries – many of whom were
believed under age girls
• It was an international social catastrophe, especially in terms of women and children’s human rights and
social, economic and political advancement

Justification (cont): the link to prostitution & trafficking for sexual exploitation

• Interpol estimates that today, human trafficking is the
third largest source of profit for transnational criminal
organizations after drug trafficking and weapons
smuggling, fetching as much as US$19 billion-a-year.
• United States State Department data indicates that
each year...
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