Eyes Wide Shut Essay

Topics: Stanley Kubrick, Human sexuality, Sexual arousal Pages: 7 (2507 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Art 199 / Motion Picture Appreciation

Due Date: Nov 6th, 2008

5 Principles of film form in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut
Stanley Kubrick once said "If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed". With that in mind, my paper today is an analysis of the 5 principles of film form in Stanley Kubrick’s last film “Eyes Wide Shut”. Even tough “Eyes...” isn’t my favorite of the Kubrick films, it is surely really close to being, I love every aspect of it, from the music, to the themes, to the way it was shot, to just the overall darkness of the whole idea, its just awesome. In this essay I will analyze the Function, Similarity and Repetition, Difference and Variation, Development & finally the Unity and Disunity of the film. Anyway, I’m not sure if you (Professor Villeneuve) have seen it yet, but if you haven’t… you really should. Furthermore, I just hope that some of the sexual themes of the movie that I include in the essay aren’t too off-putting, but besides, we are all adults here, right? Function

To begin with, function as I understood it has to do with the elements of a film, the function of those elements within the film & also the motivation for those elements within the film. Here I will cite specific examples of such things within “Eyes Wide Shut”. One of the 1st scenes in “Eyes…” takes the main characters Dr. Bill & Alice to a wealthy friend’s party. At the party they become separated and end up meeting a bunch of different people on they’re own. After mingling a bit they both settle on someone and with the help of champagne they being to flirt, the flirtation is pretty out in the open and after a while it pretty much turns into to a desire for sex from the flirting parties. Alice is flirting with an older rich handsome Hungarian fellow & Dr. Bill is Flirting with two young blonde models. The whole function of this flirting serves in this story to ignite a jealousy between Alice & Bill, or a lack there of. In a later scene, while Bill & Alice are alone in they’re bedroom, they smoke some pot. The function of the pot that they smoke is to make them trip out on each other and speak more freely. This leads to Alice turning jealous about Bill’s flirtations from the previous night and her to question whether Bill was jealous about her flirting with the older man, to which he responds no. This gets her even more upset. Bill then tries to console her by saying that men and women are different, and that he believes that all women (including her obviously) want is security and love, and that all men want is sex. The fact that by his own admission, Bill states that he has never been jealous about her and that he is one hundred percent positive that she will never cheat on him, infuriates Alice and in her (for lack of a better word) high state, she tells Bill something that will Motivate the rest of the film & that will serve the Function to finally get him jealous about her. She tells him to remember about a vacation that they had taken a year prior, and about a young navy man who she saw only briefly passing in the lobby of they’re hotel, and how that at the moment she saw him she was completely and only sexually attracted to this man and she claims that if he had wanted her, she was ready to leave it all; her husband Bill and they’re daughter, only just to satisfy her sexual pleasures. Immediately following this admission, Bill receives a call that one of his patients has died, this relieves Bill greatly because as you could imagine, he is pretty uncomfortable around his wife at the moment being as she has just dropped a huge bomb on him. Anyway, Bill is asked to come see the family of his dead patient and uses it as an excuse to leave his house in the middle of the night. Bill is also now completely jealous and furious as he leaves the house; Alice’s admission has turned Bill (a normally pretty faithful and reserved guy) into a completely jealous man seeking to have a sexual adventure of his...
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