Five Temptations of a Ceo

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“The Five Temptations of a CEO” was released in 1998 and fast became the New York bestseller. This was one of the first books based on a unique school of thought defining the most common and hidden temptations the CEOs often succumb to. The book got rave reviews from all quarters of the corporate world. This book serves as a timeless and potent reminder that success as a leader can come down to practising a few vital behaviours, which although extremely simple are often overlooked.

About the Author:

Patrick M. Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a management consulting firm specializing in executive team development and organizational health. As a consultant and keynote speaker, he has worked with thousands of senior executives in organizations ranging from Fortune 500s and high-tech start-ups to universities and nonprofits. He is the author of seven nationally recognized books, including the New York Times best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Book Summary:

Andrew was the CEO Trinity Systems, one of the youngest to reach the position in a span of just ten years. Andrew’s ambitious nature is underscored by his fast track career growth. He still maintains a great rapport with all his subordinates.

Andrew’s one year as a CEO has not been along the expected lines. The results are “at best, unspectacular”, and he is clueless as to what led to the present state of affairs. He is expected to account for the results in the board meeting with all his colleagues. He accepts that it is the lowest point of his tenure with the organization; he is worried as to what his next step is to be.

Lost in these thoughts, he runs into Charlie, an old janitor, in an empty train back on his way home. Andrew suddenly realizes that the seemingly innocuous conversation with the janitor has everything to do with the problems he is facing. Charlie accounts for all of Andrew’s problems as the five temptations of a...

References: • Organizational Behavior, By Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge and Seema Sanghi.
• The Two Faces of Transformational Leadership: Empowerment and Dependency, Journal of Applied Psychology, April 2003 by B.Kark, R.Gan, B.Shamir.
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