Forcible Rape

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Criminal law, Sexual assault Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Data analysis
What is a Forcible Rape? How harmful it is to us people, especially in women? How can we be so sure that we are safe from this kind of behavior?
After reading this article, first the readers should be able to define the topic which is “Forcible Rape”, then the readers may know what the causes of the problem are and why people, especially men continue to do this type of behavior, next is the readers should be able to know the tips and the solutions of this deviant behavior, lastly, the readers must now the connection of labeling theory in our topic.

When saying the word rape, the first thing that comes in most of the people’s mind is sex, sex that is forcedly done. Forcible Rape is just the same with rape, both of these attempts or assaults to commit rape by force. All of us women want to avoid this kind of activity because some victims got raped and when the victim fights to the suspect some them will be killed, only few of them survived. There are also cases that children will be raped by their own father or their neighbors due to several reasons, an example of it was the case: “Last April 2012 in Quezon City, two teenage girls, were allegedly drugged by their father each time he raped them as their mother held their arms to prevent any struggle. The third victim was a classmate of one of his daughter, who was able to escape and report the abuses to the police. Supt. Crisostomo Mendoza of Novaliches police substation said the sisters, aged 14 and 16 were allegedly forced by their 33-year-old father to take “shabu” before they were raped.”- This article came from the “Daily Enquirer” news website, published at 11:06 pm | Saturday, April 28th, 2012 by Julie M. Aurelio. In this situation, the girls luckily got saved. See? Even a father can make this kind of behavior to his daughter and even a mother can afford to help his husband in this works. If a parent can ravish their daughter, how much more the other people who don’t have the same blood...
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