Four Seasons Hr Practices

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The Four Seasons chain started in 1960 with Sharp, a visionary. In North America, Sharp introduced a new definition to luxury. He focused on quality and service-based, mid-sized hotels differentiating the chain from its competitors. Within its first few years of operations, the company had grown from a small motel in Toronto to a chain of hotels, villas and resorts across the world. Currently, The Four Seasons is running 82 properties in 34 countries and has 33,185 employees.

With an increase of competition, Sharp is now looking into the best service strategies and HR development for the hotel chain. Figure 1. Issue Analysis
Four Seasons Issue Analysis
Who– Isiadore Sharp (CEO)
– Kathleen Taylor (COO and co-president)
What– Continue to serve guests with a constant luxurious and personalised service – Reduce turnover rates and retain skilled employees
Why– Company expansion and sustainable growth of existing business operations. – Maintain a constant and quality service throughout hotels When2009 – In an era of increased demand for exceptional and personalised service How– Having a good HR department in order to select the right people , train them and retain the skilled employees.

Following the issue analysis, it has been identified that the main concern of the company, stated in the case, is maintaining the quality of the HR practices that was focused on attracting and retaining the best people in the industry, maintain the same service culture to prevent it from getting diluted. It will be a challenge for Four Seasons to maintain its work culture with the company’s prospects.

2 – Introduce the company and its position in the hospitality industry. Is it an employer of choice? The Four Seasons has been expanding throughout the years and been concentrated in four main strategies. Firstly, they started by focusing on mid-sized luxurious hotels with exceptional quality. Secondly, they have a personalised and round-the-clock service. They redefined the concept of luxury at that time by implementing a remarkable service. Thirdly, they clearly stated their values. Their operations were centred on The Golden Rule. Lastly, instead of owning hotels, they were focusing on the management of services such as selection and training. The Four Seasons Hotels was founded in 1960 by Isiadore Sharp. Sharp had the vision that the frequent international travelling was an emerging trend. Therefore he wanted to start a brand that would target frequent travellers. Furthermore, he wanted to start a new kind of luxury hotels with personalised and a permanent service. With the help of a few investors, Sharp opened the first motel in 1961 in downtown Toronto. The atmosphere and amenities that the motel offered attracted many guests and celebrities who regularly hovered the place. With the success of Sharp’s first motel, he opened a hotel called Inn Park in 1963. In 1969 for the first time, the company issued shares to the public. Then in 1970 the third hotel was opened in London. In a market where there was an abundance of traditional hotels, the new hotel was an immediate success and was acknowledged as one of the most successful hotels in the world for both quality and service, just as Sharp had indicated. Although the tariffs were high at the Inn Park, the occupancy rate reached 95 percent and was distinguished as one of the most profitable hotels of that time throughout the world. Sharp had figured out that there was lack of mid-sized hotels with good service levels. He decided to concentrate on such luxurious hotels. With ups and downs throughout the 70’s, they continued to expand over the years reaching an adequate presence as luxury hotel chain in North America. With the downturn in the hotel industry during the 90’s, thinking of the long run, Four Seasons decided to have management contracts than owning hotels. They supervised all operating activities such as hiring, firing and supervision of staff....
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