Fundamental of Behaviour

Topics: Health care, Organizational studies, Organization Pages: 6 (2042 words) Published: June 22, 2013
* Module Title: Fundamentals of organisational behaviours
* Assessment Title: Is Central communication to understanding organisational behaviour as it affects organisational performance and individual career prospects. * Assignment Title: Features of conflicts demonstrate in barriers to communication and solution in organisations

* Date of Submission: 14th March 2013

A report published by the (BBC, 2013) indicated that a general meaning of communication means piece of information is transferred between inside organizations or a sender to a receiver. In the other words, Sri Jin Kushhal and Sunitti Ahuja proved that the method of communication is giving information and ideas. According to Buchanan and Huczynski (2010:202), comprehension in organizational behavior may be deliberated frequently through communication for favorable potential future of individual job improvement and for numerous of institutions, and communication in organizations also benefit delicate misunderstanding issue between one culture to another whereas they have to work and live together, as well. According to UCSF (No date) cited that Communication plays an important role in business organization and also for people inside organizations. For example, a proper communication leads to many benefits in selecting a suitable candidate, solving arguments effectively, and encouraging staff managerially. (UCSF, no date) Therefore, there are considerably four barriers to communications; language, culture diversity, power differences, and gender differences shown problems in organisations, and four strategies solutions and process, which are empathetic listening, place and time, reality checks, and face to face to cope with environment around organisations will be analysed in this essay. (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010) Henderson (2005), cited in (Kyoo Kim, and Mattila, 2011) states that English language was emphasised globally due to people had to negotiate with multinational customers more and more in hospitality industry in globalisation culture. Lauring, (2008), cited in (Kyoo Kim and Mattilla, 2011) demonstrates that Business development in the modern world grows along with the revelation of globalisation. For instance, According to (Charmaz, Glaser and Strauss, and Strauss and Corbin (1967 and 1990 cited in Kyoo Kim, and Mattila, 2011), there was an experiment about choosing Korean people to answer questionnaires about problem American restaurants from face-to-face strategy, and the result reports that “while they did not know how to order food in English with general language and could not catch a sentence” gives them anxiety, the service was not completed, and not satisfied. The second example is Nowadays, there are large mixed cultures in America, because immigration has been permit flexibly for many years. In health care system, the language barrier to communication has been an important issue, because there were people did not reach health as doctors expected, low numbers of insurance is applied, and worryingly, patients were not able to describe about their serious symptoms. (Lee, 2013) As a result, not understanding the same language brings about inconvenience of treatments and health connection. (Lee, 2003) Based on the first example, English language was considered disciplinarily in Korean higher education institution, so they may have confidence to cope with English environment in fluently with proud. (Kyoo Kim and Mattila, 2011) In health care, A solution that can bring more patients to health care is pay attention on advertisement such as brochure and leaflet in various languages and include more details about new technology in health care accurately for reasonable outcomes. (Lee, 2013) Buchana and Huczynski (2010:210) describe that diversification of civilization and hierarchy class could lead to confusion in deliver information from one person to another person. In other word, Downs (1971: 35) cited in Rhon...
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