Gender Issues: Women and Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Rape, Woman Pages: 5 (876 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Greenberg 1

Charmaine Greenberg

Professor Macolm

Introduction to Gender Issues

26 September 2010

Women and Global Sex

Women having sex in this world by force or by choice is something that has been going on

since the beginning of time. Women from every country have been taken advantage of in some

sort of way, even if it wasn’t the actual act of intercourse. There are times when men from all

walks of life, get the feeling that women were placed on this earth to fulfill their sexual pleasures

and that is it. There were two excerpts in the essay, (“A Topography of the Global Sex Trade.”)

that stood out to me, and I would like to comment on them.

“Some women take the route into sex work voluntarily, others not, it is true, but there is a

large grey zone in between these two conditions, a vast field of negotiation, on which I focus on

my attention (Biemann 411.) It is sad to know that some women have never been given the

opportunity to know what it is to be a beautiful woman, and to know that we are not sex objects.

This is heartbreaking, because; some girls are sold as sex slaves as early as five and ten years

old. For most of these young girls, imagine what they feel about themselves by the time they

reach the age of fifteen? Imagine the amount of sexual transmitted diseases some will have

encountered by the age of eighteen, how many pregnancies some will have aborted or children

some will have by the age of twenty-one and imagine what her self-esteem will be at fifty.

Greenberg 2

With all that these women have and will endure, I know that there is always going to be

at least one woman who feels that there is hope for her life, and she will have a victorious

moment when all of this is over. That leads me to my second favorite excerpt. “We respect

these women because many are illiterate, cannot speak a word of English but still have a strong

will and encounter the whole world. And many of them can survive and struggle in their own

way (Skrobanek 413.) This is a perfect example of no matter what happens in your life you can

win. I can only fathom the thought of being sexually abused and not having a voice to speak up

for you, but you know at the end of the day you were not put on earth to be a sex object. When

you are illiterate, that only makes it worse, because your looked upon as not knowing what is

going on and everyone just thinks your plain out dumb. Another strike these women have

against them is not being able to speak English. Although they are from another country, the

English language is something that is automatically expected to know, I guess because America

has citizens from all around the globe, English and Spanish are two languages spoken almost


The mere fact that many of these women can hold their heads up high and know that they

are going to soon be free and be able to share their story with someone is big. The fact that they

are going to one day have the ability to maybe free other girls in this situation, is something to

look forward to happening. The fact that some of these women will someday be able to get an

education, become mentors, and save lives is huge. It fills my heart with joy to see a woman in

any situation hold her head high and overcome turmoil, misery and strife.

After working in law enforcement, and dealing firsthand with situations where women and

young girls were being used as sex objects against their will, my hat goes off to any woman Greenberg 3

who has won the battle against man for the sake of reclaiming their own bodies. I think it is

horrible for a...

Cited: Kirk, Margo Okazawa-Rey. Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives. ed. 5
New York: McGraw-Hill, Irwin, 2010
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