Geographic Factors of 2 Nations

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Throughout history, geographic factors have affected the development of nations and regions. These factors have also hindered or promoted cultural diffusion. Both geographic factors will be discussed and analyzed in the following essay.

Greece is peninsula which is surrounded by mountains. These mountains have had a great impact on the development of Greece. The mountains divide the land which led to the creation of city-states. The city-states were the creation of different government systems and local leaders. Two major city-states in Greece were Athens and Sparta which were both completely different ruled city-states which had different values. Athens was a city-state which had a democracy as a government and emphasized on education. Sparta was ruled by an oligarchy which focused on a military based society. As these two major city-states were developing their own government and society, Greece culture was developing in language, mythology, and entertainment such as the Olympics. Athens and Sparta weakened because they went against each other due to their different ways of life. Greece’s development was greatly affected by the mountains because, of the division of making city-states.

The mountains greatly promoted cultural diffusion. The mountainous terrain made agricultural production limited for the Greeks so they were more dependent on trade or conquest for things they could not produce. Through trade comes talking of different ideas and cultures which the people of Greece would adapt to and accept as their own. Through the trading between Greece and other nations it spread Greek culture throughout Europe. The mountains helped cultural diffusion so that Greeks would depend on trade to gain product and exchange ideas with different nations.

Another nation that has been impacted by its geographic factors is, Latin America. A group of people which were known as the Incas lived in the Andes Mountains and created technological advances...
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