Gerontology Aging Simulation

Topics: Thought, Mind, Old age Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Age Simulation Reaction
I often times sit back and think of myself as elder later on in life. So many thoughts come to mind about my physical appearance; not so many thoughts in regards to my own mindset or the mindset of others that surround me, both seniors and young people. I have never been a person to care how others feel about me, but this one day in particular when I was put in the shoes of an elderly person my world was turned upside down by the words, looks, and thoughts of others. Going into this simulation I looked at it on the surface, how could being in the shoes of an older person for one day get so deep?. Of course there was an expectation of being limited to a degree but the limitations I was stuck with were difficult beyond belief. Minuscule things became very complex to me, things like writing or picking something up were so troublesome because of the decrease of my fine motor skills. Or how about being able to partake in a simple game of Uno or reading a newspaper being suddenly hard for you. These are just a few of the past pleasures that were current irritations. Over the next couple of day I began to ponder on how I take granted the simple, everyday activities or joys of life. I also wondered how I could improve the way I treat elders, whether it’s someone I come in contact with regularly or just a senior in front of me driving slow. I have to learn to control my feelings and expressions towards them, I actually salute them.

I don’t know how an elder person keeps on fighting, I experienced their life for one day only and it seem as though the world around me was craving in. Being blind and having hip arthritis wasn't so easy to cope with, I wasn’t able to be as mobile as I would have liked. In fact, I not being as mobile resulted in other health issues. Those around me were in worse condition, on top of the little impairments that affected me, they had limitations such as deafness, having had a stroke, knee injuries, major illnesses,...
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