Girl Child Right and Its Implementation in Bangladesh

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Girl Child Right And Its Implementation In Bangladesh

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Content * Introduction: * Bangladesh and girl child right:
* Education:
* Maternal and child mortality rate:
* Child marriage:
* Child labor:
* Prostitution and trafficking in girls:
* Is the success of our government concerning girl child right is real or rhetorical? : * Conclusion


A poem by a young girl named Yesmine from Norway, “you are very important, you are the lady of the future---” (UNDP,2001) tries to make awareness among those people who always neglect the abilities and potentialities of girl child and violate their basic rights as a human being, as a child and as a future of a nation. Children all over the world are not getting their legal rights and girls child are in the most vulnerable site.In Bangladesh there are approximately 58 million children and adolescents up to the age of 18 years. It is more than 45 percent of country's entire population and more than half of them are girls.(U.S. Department of State ,March, 2006) In Bangladesh, much progress has been made to protect and promote adolescent girls and girl children's rights in recent times. Now a day the government launching many laws and facilities regarding girl’s right. But still now most of girls are found in continuous victimization of violence, deprivation of basic human needs and rights.

Bangladesh and girl child right:
“CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES” is the theme of ensuing International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2012.So the awareness for girls child right is getting more significant to the government and people of our country. For the social norms and values girls are more vulnerable for all sorts of discrimination than boys in our society, even few years ago the situation was much difficult for girls, people could hardly think of girls right separately, but the world is concerning about the rights of girls child, Bangladesh government has also taken many steps to preserve girl child right. As a result Bangladesh was one of the first countries to sign the CRC (convention on the right of children) on January 26, 1990 and it completed the accession of CRC on August 3, 1990. September 2, 1991 was a historical day for Bangladesh because CRC was ratified by Bangladesh parliament with two third majorities. Bangladesh has accepted all of the provisions of the Convention. Government has declared the 2001-2010 as Child Rights Decade to raise awareness about child rights among the people. Shishu Academy was formed and the Women Ministry was turned into Women and Children Affairs Ministry in 1994.

There are about 10 government ministries concerned with the welfare and the rights of children including the Ministries of Women and Children Affairs, Health and Family Welfare, and Education. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA) is a main mechanism established in 1994 in coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the CRC. MoWCA is also responsible for monitoring of a National Plan of Action (NPA) for girl Child. The objective of NPA is to develop the situation of girl child, working in mainly six sectors: basic education; health and nutrition; water and environmental sanitation; children in need of special protection; social integration, participation and cultural affairs; and information and communication. ( BANBEIS, November 2oo2)

The Suppression of Violence against Women and Children Act (2000, amended 2003) was passed to replace the 1995 Control of Oppression of Women and Children Act. The new act lays down severe penalties for various kinds of violent offenses against children and women...

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