Global History Chapter 7 essay questions

Topics: Ancient Greece, Peloponnesian War, Classical Athens Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: October 1, 2013

History 121
Chapter 7

#1. As the Minoans civilizations we have limited records but we can say they were masters of seas and great shipbuilder, which allow them the trade by the seas, also they have a base religion using bull leaping not only as a sport, if not as a penitence on their religion practice, they constructed big cities and palaces for their ruler an example is the Palace of Knossos where the legendary Kind of Minos lived. After the end of the Minoans civilizations there are not records of why or how it happened. A new culture and civilizations were born they were called Mycenaean adopting gran number of Minoans culture, Mycenaean created diversified civilization based on centers of trade, as a difference from Minoans which do based there economy on sea trade Mycenaean were more grassland center trades, their write system was similar to Minoans and they used it to records all trade transactions.

Hellenic civilizations borrowed all this principle from Minoans and Mycenaean, crating great cities as Trojan and using the writing skills to created poems and myths about their ancient societies and about their history. Architectural techniques, the creation of palace and greater centralize cities and bureaucracy as a government system were the main influences of this civilizations.

#2 Athenian democracy became from an imperialism system is a process of transformation. While Imperialism creation of cities were they controlled trade, military, and commerce, they believed citizens have the right to be part on the decision making of codes and laws creating on this way the assembly system were men owner of property and older than 18 were allow to vote and participate on the assembly. Being a little contradictory because not all Athenians were consider citizens and also excluding gran part of them from the right to vote. On their efforts against the Persians, Greek cities formed different league, Athens formed the Delian League a30-year naval...
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