Global Religion Essay

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Hinduism Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Nicholas Rini1-18-13
There are many different religions and beliefs worldwide. these beliefs influence the loves of their followers and society. Two religions which greatly impacted the lives of their followers are hinduism and Buddhism. These religions have beliefs for their followers to abide by. Although distinctive, these belief systems helped to promote peace and eliminate evil.

Hinduism is though to be formed through cultural diffusion and originated in INdia. They believe in Kharma and Dharma. Dharma is your duties as a paerson. If you fulfill your duties good thinks will come, this is known as karma.HInduism also believes in the caste systen. This system lacked in social mobility, and influenced people to do right to be reincarnated into high social class. If you were bad and didnt fulfill your Dharma and Karma, you could be dropped down the social heirarchy becoming an untouchable, the lowest rank on the caste system. The goal was to eventually make your way up the ladder and be united with the universal spirit Brahman. Hinduism influenced its society to do good in their life because of the belief of the caste system. Hinduism also influenced the start of the religion Buddhism.

Buddhism was formed by Siddartha Gutama, a man born into a wealthy royal family. Siddartha had decided to pursue life outside of the royal scene, and he discovered corruption and evil the he had never seen before. So he prayed and fasted and his writings became known as the religion buddhism. Buddhism like Hinduism belived in reincarnation, buddha wrote that if you followed the eightfold path you would be reincarnated with the spirit nirvana. Buddha created this as a way to speed up reincarnation with the universal spirit. He also wrote the four noble truths, eliminate peoples desire. These truths said that Life means suffering, The origin of suffering is attachment, the cessation of suffering is attainable, and finally the path to the cessation...
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