Gm591 Project Out Line

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GM 591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Course Project Proposal Guidelines

A Proposal:
• precisely defines your research topic and the need for studying it—what is the organizational issue and OB topical area that requires attention and further study • provides a research question to summarize the problem statement, however tentative it may be • explains the sources critical to your proposed research, demonstrating that they are adequate for your project Proposal Organization:

Your project proposal must include the following four labeled sections: Your Name (top of first page).
Organization. Give the name of the organization and very briefly describe it. If you are focusing on one department in the organization - tell which one and describe it briefly. Be sure to include a description of your role in the organization. Set the context for the problem statement.

Problem Statement. Identify and clearly state the problem—the leadership / management issue in which an element of the identified organization is not meeting expectations. The problem statement is usually phrased in terms of questions considerably more focused than the subject of the paper. End this section by stating the problem in the form of a question. For example, if a work group is not performing effectively, an effective problem statement might be, "How can group performance be improved?" rather than simply "Poor group performance."

A well-formed problem statement has four main characteristics:

1. Unity – the problem statement articulates a single controlling idea. The idea may be complex and have several parts, but it should be one idea nevertheless.

2. Focus – the problem should be restricted and specific enough for the reader to gain a clear idea of the OB topical area and the direction of your study and research.

3. Structure – if the problem statement is sufficiently focused, it will provide a basis for decisions about...
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