Topics: Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Art was a corner stone of ancient Athenian values and principals, and still contributes to modern day society as well. Many principals developed in Ancient Greece are still carried out and taught in present day. Euclid, was a brilliant Greek Mathematician, he developed many crucial elements in the math world that are necessary for current day engineers to pursue their work. The “Father of Geometry” is what Euclid is known as. He was very successful with his math skills, leaving even math professors speechless(Doc 5). Euclid’s theorem is still used today. Euclid’s book, Elements, is the basis for many geometry books and teachings today. Pi, or 3.1415926535..., is used to find the area of a circle, or the circumference of a tire. Many of his teachings are still on display in many math books, and many math professors still use his teachings in class as well. Myron, was another honored figure of ancient Greece, that influences our society today. Myron’s famous sculpture of the Discus Thrower (Diskobulus) reveals many aspects about Greek values. Art was highly valued by the Greeks, as well as the Olympics. Strength, power, and athleticism are three highly respected principals that the Greeks valued. The element of competition was expressed through the great Olympic Games, and the Greeks loved to compete(Doc 8). The principals that Myron brought to life in his sculpture of the discus thrower, Diskobulus are still evident today. The Americans, along with other countries, pay their athletes millions of dollars to compete in sporting events, succeed in their event, and entertain the spectators. Tom Brady, a famous NFL Quarterback for the New England Patriots made $3.5 million in the year of 2010; athleticism is still valued in today’s culture. The Olympics continue to influence us today, millions of spectators travel the world to watch countries compete and strive for the brilliant gold medal. Arts continue to influence modern day society, and is still...
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