Greece Culminating Task

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Part A: Country Background

The official name is the Hellenic Republic but is known as Greece all over the world. The national capital city of the country is Athens, and it’s currency is in Euros (1 Euro= $1.48 Dollar). If it is noon in Hamilton, it is 8pm in Athens, Greece. The national population is 11, 062, 508 people. The biggest city in Greece is Athens, with a population of 729,137. The second largest city would be Thessaloniki with a population of 354,290, third largest city would be Piraeus with a population of 172, 429. The fourth highly populated city would be Patrai with a population of 163,360, the fifth would be Peristeri with 137,659 citizens, and the sixth would be Heraklion with 137,154 people currently living there. The country is run by a Constitutional Republic, Parliment system, and is run by Karolos Papoulias. The area of Greece is 131, 940 km2, and their about $218 billion per capital or $11 862 per person. Visas are not required by holders of valid passports from non-E.U. countries (such as Canada) if they travel to Greece and remain in the country for less than 3 months. Inoculations include measels-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria- tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, and the flu shot. The Embassy of Canadian Athens is located at 4 Toannou Ghennadiou Street, 115321 Athens, Greece. The major spoken languages is Greece is the Greek language.

13b. In your travel you picked up some words and phrases of the local language. Report some of these words: -Airport:
-Yes and No:
-Hello and Goodbye:
-Bus Station:
-Please and Thank you:
-7 days of the week:
-Railway Station:
-Right and Left:
-Hotel and Room:
-Basic,Staple Foods-10 items:

13c. If the country that your are travelling to is an English-speaking country, list 20 words and phrases unique to that country. Include their meanings. The country is not an English-speaking country.

14. List the national holidays in your country and when they occur. January 30th is the day of the Three Holy Hierarchs, which is celebrated all over Greece with a national feast. It is a celebration to honor Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and reowned John of golden speech, the three men that had created the Trinity. On July the 29th the Restoration of Democracy is celebrated all over Greece for their triumph in peace. And November 17th is the Polytechneio, it is a reminder of the time the country went against the army of Greece and there was much bloodshed, it is a reminder that they are a nation, they they will work together and die together for as long as Greece survives.

15.What are some important cultural events/festivals in your country? (at least 5) There is a Patras Festival, it takes place in the summer and includes theater performances, musical concerts, lectures, photo and painting exhibitions. There is also the Internaational Shadow Theater Festival takes place every September. Performances of International Shadow Theaters are presented as well as performances of the Typical Greek hero of shadow theater, Kargiozis. The International Film Festival takes place some time in October, and screenigns are presented in Apollo Theater, in the center of town. The Carnival is the major event of the town. It is the largest carnival in Greece and one fo the most famous in Europe. Carnival celebrations last for about 40 days, but they peak on the weekends before Lent Monday. That saturday evening, there is a large parade, on the Sunday evening, the “burning of the Carnival King” marks the end of the Carnival.

16. What are the major religions of your country?
97% of Greeks celebrate the Orthodox religion, Roman Catholic and Judaism make up most of the remaining religions.

17.What are some of the popular songs/artists/types of music from your country? Chasmosthagine is the #1 sone in Greece at the moment and is sung by Master Tempo and Christos Menidiatis. Folk Songs...
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