Greek and Roman Art

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Greek and Roman Architecture
Sherry Caro
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May 17, 2013
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Greek and Roman Architecture

Greek architecture is known for its tranquility. Much of the Greek architecture is characterized by its representation of living things. Greek architecture stresses formality and symmetry. The art captures movement and emotion. Many of their main works are of the human nature followed by animals, monsters, and greenery.

Greek architects developed two styles of columns, the Doric and Ionic. Shown above is the Doric Column. The Doric Columns had no bases with a tapered shaft. The Doric style was started on the mainland and quickly became the style more often used throughout architecture.

After the creation of the Roman Republic, Roman architects started to integrate Etruscans and Greek technique into their structural formations. One of the characteristics of Roman design is the combination of curved and straight horizontal beams.

Architecture was very important to the success of Rome. Formal architecture similar to that of temples, bridges, and aqueducts played crucial aspect in bringing the Roman Empire together. The Pont du Gard aqueduct allowed the Romans to supply all the cities with an adequate water supply. In conclusion, there are differences and similarities in the Greek and Roman architecture especially since the Romans styles and characteristics derived from that of the early Greek styles. Romans utilized similar columns in the same way the Greeks did, the only difference is that the Romans added an arch and dome. The Romans structured theaters similar to the Greeks but they took the architectural structures to another level and developed the amphitheater for sporting events. Romans took architecture to another level. The Greeks started it and the Romans expanded it.

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