Greek Classicism

Topics: Ancient Greece, Art, Alexander the Great Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Styles of Greek Classicism

The Ancient Greeks Classicism arts were set on six main characteristics. Those characteristics being order, idealized figures, realism, simplicity, balance, and clarity. All art forms this time period display each of theses. Even in other parts of the world you can also see Greek characteristics in art due to Alexander conquering much of the area and bringing Greek influence. I am going to be focusing on one artifact in particular. That being Myron's Discus Thrower also known as Discobolus (p, 88; Fig. 3.11). As you look at this artifact you will see how his head is slightly turned, back and body are bent, arms are extended, and foot is pointed. These are all examples of order. Order means that there is control and arrangement in the piece. This is one of the first sculptures where that artist is trying to give a sense of motions. With out the correct placement of the parts of certain parts of the body this would have been unachievable making this piece look very odd. Discus Thrower is also very idealized. Classical Greek artists wanted all figures of man and woman to be in idealized form instead of real life as it was in the Hellenistic Age. As you see he is a young man, strong, and muscular. A very athletic body and a handsome face making him a perfect idealized image of a male. Women were often depicted in a similar manner with a curvy body, small breast, and a majority of sculpture in a S curve stance. This was one of the main focuses of every Greek works of art during this period of time. The way that his arms arch to create a sense of movement. His face, hair, and body all well sculpted. How is body is proportioned, how his muscles are flexed creating shadows, and the way that his feet are placed all give a sense of realism. It looks as though he is about to turn his body and throw the disc. Even though he is an idealized image he still looks as though he is realistic. There is no clutter around this piece making what the...
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