Greek Culture

Topics: Greece, Greeks, Cyprus Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 3, 2008
Greek Culture is very interesting. Of course, different people like different things. So some people like the food. Some like the beliefs and religions of Greeks. And some like the varieties of things. But most people love it for the fact that so many things can relate to Greek culture. In fact, almost everything in the entire world has some sort of Greek connection to it. Similarities and differences can be found almost everywhere in Greek culture. It’s even sometimes right under people’s noses but they don’t look deep enough.

Food is basically everything in Greek culture. Food is the most important thing next to the gods. Greeks take food so seriously in fact. That they will argue over dishes that may have been discovered by the Greeks. Once in a Greek restaurant, two people worked there that were particularly important. One was Turkish and the other was Greek. Since the Turks and Greeks are rivals, they like to argue a lot. One day a customer ordered Baklava from the Greek waiter. The Greek immediately told the customer how wonderful his choice in foods was because Baklava is a famous dish. It is a sort of cake but it is smallish and made with two thin golden brown crusts and in the middle is later after layer of sweet honey and chopped nuts and more crust. So the Greek told the customer that the dish was actually discovered in Greece. The Turkish waiter overheard this and began a huge argument over who discovered Baklava. This only goes to show that Greeks love their food. It is a main part of their culture and they take it, abnormally it seems to Americans, seriously. They roast lamb in their front lawns. They create wonderful dishes such as pitachio, which is lasagna of noodles and cheese. And they have generations after generations of inherited culture, beliefs, and food recipes.

Another great thing about Greek culture is the religion and beliefs. For instance, ways back in B.C. times and still do today, believe in the Ancient Gods. These gods’ names...
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