Greek Material Culture

Topics: Greece, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: November 2, 2010
It is easy to say, and prove, that Greek material culture reveals an immense amount about ancient Greek society. From vast studies and examinations of the great ancient Greek architecture, the immaculate fine art and literature and even the personal possessions and crafts of the societies own inhabitants, one can reason that these materials reflect much about ancient Greece and its people.

From studying the architecture of this ancient society, one can assume various things about its inhabitants such as beliefs, ways of lifestyle and levels of intelligence. The first, and probably the most prominent, detail that one can reveal from ancient Greek architecture is that the people of this society were very religious. Many of the temples in and around Greece were dedicated to a certain god goddess. The apparent reason for the creation of these miraculous temples was to serve as home for a god or goddess. The fact that the ancient Greeks created these temples for this purpose shows the great importance of worshipping and pleasing the gods and goddesses. One example of a great ancient Greek temple dedicated to a certain god or goddess is The Parthenon of Greece, built on the Acropolis in Athens. This temple is dedicated solely to the goddess Athena. Another great detail that reveals much about the religious factors of this society would be the inscriptions found on the walls of these temples and even on some of the statues that the Grecians sculpted. These inscriptions show the names and evident pictures of various amounts of gods and goddesses and present details about what they wore and looked like, what they were rulers of and even what some of their powers consisted of. The fact that these inscriptions show the multiple numbers of gods and goddesses evidently means that the ancient Greek society worshipped a vast number of gods and goddesses making them polytheists. Also, the discovery of the ancient Greek tombs of the deceased and what the Grecians buried...
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