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Topics: Ancient Greece, Greece, Mycenaean Greece Pages: 4 (1755 words) Published: September 26, 2013
 The Civilization of the Greeks-Chapter 4 The sea influenced Greek society. Greece had a long seacoast surrounded by bays and inlets that provided numerous harbors. The Greeks also inhabited a number of islands to all points (north, south, east, and west) of its mainland. So it is no accident that they became skilled sailors. They used the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas to establish colonies with the outside world and to spread Geek civilization to those areas. Mycenae was the first of the Greek states. Mycenaean Civilization reached its height between 1400-1200 BC. It consisted of a number of monarchies and fortified palaces. They were skilled warriors who were said to have conquered the city of Troy. Though that remains a mystery. By the late 13th century Mycenaean Greece was showing signs of trouble. It was torched around 1190 and new waves of Greek speaking invaders moved into Greece from the North. By 1100 Mycenaean culture was coming to an end and the Greeks were entering a new world of considerable insecurity. The Greeks entered the Dark Ages from around 1100-750 BC. It is during this time that many Greeks left the mainland and crossed the Aegean Sea to various islands especially to the southwest shore of Asia Minor that would eventually be called Ionia. Two major groups settled in Greece around this time. The Aeolians from north and central Greece colonized the large islands of the Lesbos and the adjacent mainland. The Dorians established themselves in southwest Greece as well as on the Aegean Islands. The first great epics of early Greece were the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer They had been based on stories that passed down from generation to generation. It is generally assumed that Homer made use of oral traditions to compose the Iliad his epic poem of the Trojan War. The war began after Paris the prince of Troy kidnapped Helen the wife of the king of Sparta. All the Greeks were outraged and led by the Spartan king’s...
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