Hasty Moral Judgments

Topics: Human, Morality, Person Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: March 26, 2015
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Professor Lovett
10 February, 2015
Hasty Moral Judgments
Human beings make hasty moral judgments constantly, sometimes involuntarily. Our predispositions, whether they are based off opinion or upbringing, often lead us to superficial judgments, with little to no prior knowledge of the individual whom we are judging. Issues like pornography, capital punishment, and abortion strike people at their core. Some are even willing to protest in support of their opposition. These are indeed loaded topics, surrounded by a great deal of controversy; a fight waiting to happen, if you will. So, what is it about these issues that make us question peoples moral compasses? To make proper assessments about the people around us, we must first recognize flaws in our own thinking. We must question what we ourselves deem good or bad before we analyze someone else’s morality. For instance, since prostitution is generally looked down upon, people do not perceive them as honest, nor are they regarded as people with good intentions. People misguidedly use the label Prostitute as a way to judge an individual person. People are full and complex. We possess a wide variety of traits, and how you make your money may say a little about you, but it surely does not define your morality. Hastily judging someone’s morality is not an easy problem to fix; however, if everyone was more analytical, moral judgments would be a bit more reasonable. Once we are aware of this information, it is our duty to spread it. As a society, we have achieved amazing feats of innovation because we are able to deduce, and intelligently formulate what is proper and what is not. Perhaps if we conducted ourselves in the same manner regarding our moral judgments, humanity would achieve some remarkable things as well.
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