Health and Social

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theories of ageing

Ageing is inevitable and this means that it will happen to us all at some point. there are two theories of ageing. Disengagement Theory
Engagement can mean being involved with a person or activites they do. Disengagement can mean that someone removes themselves from doing something with other people. The disengagement theory is one of most debated theories of aging. Cumming and Henry came up with the disengagement theory. It involved older people it inclined that older people are more likely to reomove themselves from participation with others. In 1975 Cumming claims that disengagement is a normal part of ageing. . He claims that it is suitable and healthy for older people to remove themselves from others. He said older people would experience a decrease in their social contact and enjoy time to themselves and don't woory what people think When I did work placement in a care home for older people I saw this theory happen many times. People had to be encourged to join in arts and crafts and other games. Some of the elderly didn't even want to have their meals wit others they pefered to have it in their rooms by themselves. Bromley in 1974 argued that ‘even though some people fight the process all the way and will try and do the same things they did when they where young disengagement will happen to us all as people get older they don't have the physical or the mental resources they had when they were younger. In 1992 Zimbardo argued that ‘The disengagement view of social ageing has been discredited. A number of reasons are that older people do stay socially concerned with family and friends and many older people become more sociable with close family as they become older they want to spend more time with their loved ones and enjoy the time they have let. They are happy with they people they have rather than looking to make new friends. When I was on placement many of they older people did not like to things but I noticed with one...
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