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Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Want Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 9, 2014
M1- Assess the effects on those using the service of 3 different discriminatory practices in health and social care setting. There are many forms of discrimination for example ageism, sexism, racism. All of these discriminatory practices can have an effect on people especially those who use health and social care provision. Racism- In a health centre a women wanting to see a specific gender of doctor, but there is no doctor there which she wants to see so then maybe this women will not be seen as she does not want to see that kind of gender doctor. The affects this may have will be that the women may not get seen and she may become more ill and not get treated. Female doctors- Some research shows that many women, regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs, prefer to be seen by a female doctor, especially for gynaecological treatment. Muslim women may be particularly keen to be seen by female doctors for physical medical examinations and discussions about female health issues, for reasons concerned with purda and hiya. The effects of this would be that if the women does not see a doctor she may become more ill, and she may not feel comfortable talking to a male doctor about personal things so she will not speak to them this may leave the women more ill and will need to see a health centre again. Islam permits women to be seen by a male doctor when no female doctor is available. As one woman in our study observed: "Sometimes if it is very necessary to be seen by a male doctor and it is very dangerous for your life, so you have to see the male doctor. If you have to see the male, you have to see them."

Sexism- A male midwife is dealing with a female, and the female refuses for the male midwife to deal with her. The effects of this is that the female could be unsure of weather her baby is ready to be born, so she will not know anything about her baby. The effects of this if a male midwife is being discriminated on then the...
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