HIA Cause study

HIA Cause study
1. What do you think caused Deborah react in such manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions are justified?

Change means make things different. Organizational change is the change of the way in which people are organized. The organizational change can be as an organization restructuring in relative to resources. For instance, human resources are used in this case. Nevertheless, there is a human resource change in Housing Industry Association Brisbane. The executive director promoted 2-year-old working staffs which is called Melinda Henderson to be the executive support manager. At the beginning, the change in company is hard for some part of employees to change the attitudes, habits and ethics at work.

The promotion of Melinda Henderson in the Housing Industry Association Brisbane created a problem. An office manager which is named Deborah Walcott has been work in Housing Industry Association Brisbane for 15 years do not promote because of the job attitudes. This is the reason why Deborah Walcott responds in many bad ways to Melinda Henderson. To cite an example, Deborah Walcott has bad-mouthing attitude against Melinda Henderson and makes some slanderous words about her to other staffs in the company. In my opinion, Deborah Walcott was caught in a change resistance. In this situation, it can establish two ways to solve the change resistance. Firstly, Deborah Walcott feels unfair to promote Melinda Henderson because Melinda Henderson only work two years in the company but she already work for 15 years. Secondly, Deborah Walcott resisted the change because of her own selfish acts. Deborah Walcott notices that Melinda’s promotion means that she does not have the chance to be the position that she really want.

In this case, we can clearly find that Deborah Walcott break two hours break into two parts. She always finished her work one hour early and uses another hour to do the personal things. The person reasons of Deborah Walcott are the reasons why she stands up to the new structures of the company. Indeed, Deborah Walcott feels more threatened because she will be one of the staff that Melinda control and her work will be corrected by Melinda.

On the other hand, the promotion of Melinda will encourage other staff to win a position like Melina in early year. Also, it is a good chance for the whole staffs in the company to know that the Deborah’s bad work attitude and to correct her behaviour. If Deborah does very good job at work, she will not feel threatened. Although Deborah is recommended for this position, she might not perform great in her work. In one word, good work attitude and position staffs are necessary for a company to run well.

2. What could Melinda have done to better resolve this issue with Deborah?

Melinda notices that Deborah was unhappy with the new management structure, and attempted to reason with her. She scheduled a time when she could discuss the issue over coffee with Deborah privately. In the meeting, Melinda told Deborah that her new role and to show that she is the right person to be this position. Deborah asks Melinda that she wants Melinda let her carry on with her work in her own time. Melinda refused the requirement as an executive support manager. And the work relationship between Melinda and Deborah is taking a turn for the worse.

Melinda come to terms her stand on insisting that Deborah will not use her way to solve the issues. However, Melinda could make a deal with Deborah about the work and peace that would have reigned in the company. Indeed, Melinda can negotiate and worked out some leverages to continue the work. Negotiation theory and practice have a great strength in easing organizational problem as it offers a two-way street. (Dessler, Gary. 2002). Indeed, these issues also can be reported to the manager who knows all the affairs of the company.

In my opinion, the best way to solve the problem between Melinda and Deborah...
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