Historical Monument the Great Stupa’ at Sanchi

Topics: Gautama Buddha, Buddhism, Ashoka the Great Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Research Paper: Historical Monument The Great Stupa’ at Sanchi Ausbee B. Bryant III

The Great Stupa’ at Sanchi is one of the most sophisticated and well known monuments of all time; the marvelous icon is considered to be a cornerstone of Buddhist art, architecture, and religion. It stands tall and holds a powerful presence that is very symptomatic of its historical context. India is home to one the most symbolic and oldest stone structures known to man. This astonishing marvel was appointed to be built around 3rd century B.C by one of the most powerful and influential rulers of ancient India, Emperor Ashoka the Great. Asoka was the emperor of the Maurya Dynasty and ruled the Indian subcontinent from ca. 269 BCE to 232 B.C and during his reign Ashoka converted to Buddhism and spread his Buddhist teachings through India, as well as having the great stupa erected to glorify and harbor the sacred Buddhist relics. This incredible monument is majestic & unique in more ways than one. It has been said that the structure symbolizes the world mountain and “despite having the most perfect and well-preserved stupa, Buddhist art and architecture, it’s also surrounded by numerous other stupas, pillars, temples and living quarters for monks, the greater part of which had been buried.” Upon first recognition one could be lead to believe that because there are many other alluring attractions in India it would be hard for this stupa to stand out and get its proper avowal. But this remarkable stone masterpiece has a wide range of spectacular things to offer, and tells us a very detailed story about early Buddhist life in India. “And believe it or not, although the Great Stupa is among one of many ancient monuments of India, few are of more interest than the tops of the stupas at Sanchi–Kanakheda.” Over the years many size stupas were built, but “the largest one consisted of a hemispherical dome, about 110 feet in diameter at the ground...
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