Holly Bobo

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Automobile Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: January 27, 2012
It is not completely known that an actual crime has occurred, there hasn’t been enough evidence to prove that there has been a crime.
I would want to interview her 25 years old brother, Clint. He reported seeing her being taken into the woods by a white male with all camouflage clothing. He said he only saw the back of this male and thought it was her boyfriend until he walked outside and saw some blood in front of their house. I would interview Clint because he was the last person that saw Holly and he also saw the man that kidnapped her. I would ask questions about the man who he saw take her. Also, about the path that this man took her. Finally, if he has noticed any weirdness from his sister the past couple of days or weeks. Then, I would want to interview Heather Sullivan, which is a woman in her town, she was approached by a man a couple of months before Holly’s disappearance, but she was so startled that she dropped the glass lamp that she was holding. When she dropped it got her boyfriends attention and he scared the man off. I would like to get from her details about the man that tried to kidnap her and see if Clint and her details maybe match up. Finally I would like to interview Whitney Duncan, which is her cousin. I would want to find out how close they were and if they talked on a regular basis and if she noticed anything not normal with her. I would obtain criminal records from each of these people and see if they’ve had any criminal history in the past that might pertain to this case. Also, I would want to obtain phone and text message records from each person. I would want to identify if there were any subspecies phone calls or text messages.

I would want to collect the hair that was stuck to the piece of duck tape. This evidence could tell investigators who the hair belongs to and what part of the body it has came from. Also, I would want to collect her cell phone, this can prove to investigators who she made calls to and...
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