House of Spirits Reflection

Topics: Prostitution, Christopher Columbus, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Explore the significance of one of the following minor characters and make a case for why his or her subplot is essential to the story: Transito Soto, Pancha Garcia, Old Pedro Garcia, Amanda. Often, stories include many minor characters that start out seeming unimportant but soon are realized to be an extremely essential part of the story. In The House of Spirits, there are multiple minor characters that have a great impact on the outcome of certain events in the story. One that seemed to have the greatest effect on the entire story was Transito Soto, a local whore that Esteban used. Near the beginning of this novel, stories including her seemed irrelevant to the main plot of the story. Nevertheless, she showed that she was a huge factor near the end of the book. Esteban met with Transito only twice before she assisted him in a large feat. He met her at the Red Lantern, reunited with her years later at the Christopher Columbus, and on their last meeting, went to ask her a favor. Although her part started out small, by the end of the book, you realize her subplot was essential to the story.

Esteban and Transito Soto had their first of many encounters at the only whorehouse near Tres Marias. Esteban stated, “He was not a man for whores. He did not like to pay for something he could get by other means. Still, he enjoyed spending time with Transito Soto. She made him laugh.” This shows that Esteban enjoyed Transito’s company, even if he usually didn’t like whores. One night, after making love, Esteban offered her a present. Transito asked for fifty pesos. This was a lot of money, but Esteban was feeling generous and filled her request. Transito wanted to use the money to get a start in a different life, and she promised to pay him back with interest. When Esteban was ready to leave, he said, “I’m only soffy that I won’t be seeing you again, Transito. I’ve grown accustomed to you.” Transito replied with “But we will see each other, patron. Life is long and full of...
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