How Did the Greeks Influence Our World Today

Topics: Greece, Ancient Greece, Athens Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Adira 1
Adira F. McNally
Ms. Leah Lutz
Humane Letters
16 September 2014
How Did the Greeks Influence Our World Today?
The events of the past always have an effect on the present. The impact of the Ancient Greeks on our world today is certainly no exception. Through their architecture, sports, and arts, the Greeks maintain an influence on society, even up to modern times. Grecian architecture what is one of the most obvious and lasting features of Greek society that we can still see today. The Greek column is iconically recognizable as being part of Greek culture and is still widely used in modern architecture both for its practicality and simple elegance. Another prominent Grecian architectural idea that is still extremely well used, though not necessarily recognized widely as being Greek, are stadiums. The Greeks were the first to make sports not only a form of physical conditioning for war but also a method for unifying nations (or at least the various polis of Ancient Greece.) The various sporting events would be held in stadiums that were invented in this period for that purpose. Some aspects of Grecian architecture are no longer used though, those being the parts relating to the Greek’s religion. The location of buildings in Ancient Greece was largely based on where the gods were (up in the sky). Buildings such as temples would be built on hills so that they could be as close to the gods as possible. Today we no longer build according to the Greek’s pagan religion but bring in factors such as accessibility, safety, and building cost. Adira 2

Another very obvious way that the Greeks influenced our society is through sports, and in that, mainly the Olympics. The Ancient Greeks highly valued strength and competitivity, therefore doing extremely challenging physical activities was highly encouraged even among girls (in Sparta). The greatest and most well-known sporting event was the Olympics, a...
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