How Great Were the Differences Between Han China and Ancient Athens?

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How Great Were the Differences Between Han China and Ancient Athens? Isabelle
Han China and Ancient Athens were both very successful cities. The Chinese empire was much larger and was a more unified nation than Greece. Greece was made of many city-states that fought between themselves more often than they fought together. But despite their disputes, Greece had managed to produce many talented philosophers and historians, such as Pericles, Sophocles, Socrates, and Plato. Many historians think it was because of the Greek political system. The following document will compare and contrast Ancient Athens and Han China and show how different the two nations really are using facts about the cities’ physical nature, their governments, and their citizenship: Physical

In this time period, China was much larger than Greece. China is larger than Greece even today. Ancient Greece was a series of mountainous islands, whereas China was one large landmass. Both of them were next to several large bodies of water, and they had natural trading ports, which may have been why they were such successful nations. Greece had many cliffs which would ward off any enemies coming to take over their land, and China had the Great Wall, which served the same purpose as the cliffs of Greece did. The only difference was that the Great Wall was man-made, and Ancient Greece’s cliffs were natural landforms, which made Ancient Greece the perfect place for a strong empire.

Han China had almost 207 times more people(exactly 64,685,000 more people) than Ancient Athens. Han China had more slaves and unskilled workers than Athens, but they only made up about 7% of the population, whereas slaves in Athens made up more than one-third of the population. Athens and Han China had similar opinions when it came to the distinction between master and slave. Their empires both accepted and lived by the law that those who rule are supported by those who are ruled. Most of the men that worked in Athens were...
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