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Exercise & Aging Paper
Part 2: DUE 4-1-14
You have now been assigned a “case study” subject. You know their age, gender and disease/complication from aging. You have also researched the disease and have a clear understanding of what has happened to their body. There will be 3 parts to this project, parts 1&2 will each be worth 25pts and part 3 will be worth 50pts. Your overall grade will be out of 100pts.

The goal for part 2 is to research the effect exercise has on your client’s disease.

You are required to find 2-3 articles that research your disease and a form of exercise as treatment or prevention. The articles that you select MUST meet the following requirements: Published in a scholarly journal

Published from 2000-present
If an article is found that you feel is VERY valid and would like to use but was published earlier, must get permission from me prior to the due date Please remember that you can search for articles that may have cited the older article you found, which may be more helpful Subject population is comparable to your client

If you have a male, please do not select a study done ONLY with women Where possible pick age appropriate matches
I understand exact age is a tough one, however pediatric research won’t work with elderly clients… use your best judgment OR ask

The goal of the articles is to give you an idea of what would be helpful or contraindicated to treat your client. You can research a type of exercise that you have a passion for (yoga, running, resistance training, etc.) or one you think would be helpful based on your understanding of the disease progression.

Part 3 of your paper will be more straight forward if you find an article that demonstrates at least one type of exercise that promotes improved QoL or prevents extreme disease progression, etc. Using an additional article that determines an exercise as not helpful or contraindicated would also make for an interesting final paper, but is not...
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