How Latin and Greek Languages Have Affected Us Today in Various Ways

Topics: Greek language, Greek alphabet, Latin Pages: 4 (1575 words) Published: November 10, 2012
It is common for languages to take words, phrases and meanings from one another, and this is no different than English taking from Greek and Latin. While some Greek or Latin words have been changed into prefixes and suffixes, others have become phrases, and even events have garnered their own meaning by today’s standards. This includes the adaptation to technology, science, military purposes and even everyday use, many of which are significant in their own respective area. Many Greek words have been translated into medicine often as medical terms and in the form of Prefixes and Suffixes. These words have become important and common place because they hold the meaning and generally only that meaning, and are easy to interpret such as Anaemic and Anaemia. Originally being spelled Anaema, which meant “Lack of Blood”, still holds a similar meaning which is a decline in red blood cells. This is now used mostly in Medicine and in Science when referring to a patient’s condition and is closely related to Haemoglobin deficiency. In Greek an means “lack of” or “without” while Aema and Haemo may be same word with different pronunciations, means “blood”. The same words are used because they are easy to understand and despite different translations, such as Haemo and Aema, easy to identify as well as being very interchangeable in the sense that it is easy to use these words in many different situations, and with different prefixes or suffixes. Anaesthesia is another term used mostly in medicine. It holds importance as An is “without” and aisthesis is feeling, which means “without feeling”. This is important because Surgeons use anaesthesia to stop patents from feeling pain when undergoing an operation. For this very reason the only change is pronunciation which can largely be due to the fact no one speaks such and old version of Greek in order to fully interpret how the word is meant to be said. Some words originated in Science or Medicine but have found their way into...

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