How to Learn English

Topics: Organizational studies, Personality type, Case analysis Pages: 15 (2984 words) Published: July 20, 2013
MANA 3318 - SUMMER 2011

|INSTRUCTOR: Pam Van Dyke |Course Time and Location | |Office Hours: By Appointment Only |MANA 3318 Section 001 | |Email: |Monday – Thursday 8:00 am– 10:00 am | |LinkedIn: |Room #251 | |Phone: 214.564.6352 please leave a message | |

TEXT: Organizational Behavior: Foundations, Realities & Challenges 5th Edition Nelson, D.L., and Quick, J.C. (2006). Organizational Behavioral: Foundations, Realities and Challenges, Fifth Edition. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western.

My teaching philosophy is to do everything I can to make learning an action VERB. What I mean by that is I view learning as active and dynamic! What I have learned in my 14 plus years of teaching higher education is I cannot teach alone, I need YOU to make it interesting and enjoyable. I hope to create the type of learning environment that is interactive and interesting. Therefore, I will look for you to actively participate in the class discussions and help me make this a positive experience for us both. Let the learning BEGIN!


This course examines various aspects of human behavior in organizations. Individual differences, ethics, culture, motivation, reward systems, leadership, organizational change, and group process are examined in the context of the organization’s structure, the diversity of its populace (employees, volunteers, etc.), its role in the global marketplace, and its internal and external cultural environment.


• Show the interdependent relationship among individuals, groupings of individuals, and the organizational systems in which we live and work.

• Demonstrate that most processes, problems and issues that individuals encounter in organizations are divergent.

• Explore how individuals differ in terms of ability, personality, attitude, and motivation and show how these differences impact the person-group-system interrelationship.

• Explore the nature of aggregations of individuals into groups and teams and show the impact of these aggregations on the organization and the individuals who form them.

• Explore the nature of the organization as a system and show its impact on the individuals who work within it.

• Examine the functioning of the organization in its environment: cultural, regulatory, global, technological, and economic.

• Explore diverse approaches to nature of management / leadership in organizations.

Course Schedule:
Tentative and subject to change. Additional topics and reading assignments may be covered. Students are responsible for keeping up with any changes to the course schedule announced by the instructor.

|WEEK |DAY |READINGS* |ASSIGNMENT | |ONE |MO 6/6: | |**Quizzes will vary throughout the 5| | |Course Overview | |weeks** | | |TU 6/7: |Ch 1 pp 1-34 | | | |OB Introduction | | | | |WE...
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