HUM100 Love in Ancient Times

Topics: Homosexuality, Ancient Rome, China Pages: 4 (562 words) Published: May 11, 2015

The Love Theme in Ancient Time

The Love Theme in Ancient Times
In today’s world, love is what every person in a relationship strives for, and finding the right match. In ancient times, we have to look deep into how it was defined in different cultures. In every culture love could mean different things to each culture and individual. We will look deeper into this word we call love within the cultures of Greece, Rome, China, and India. Love in Greek Times

In Greece, love was free as it could be and there was a sense of inner freedom to express themselves as they saw fit. One such segment of Greek times was homoeroticism. Homoeroticism was a big part of human sexuality. “Greek Love” as it was called was vivid in this era and into the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Love was open and free during Greek times and expressed in their writings, paintings and sculptures. A Love without Condition Rome

If Greek love was considered open and free; Rome did not stay far behind in the same methodology and culture. Love was an open book in regards to homosexuality and heterosexuality. Men and Women alike interacted with each other in freedom and openness without a sense of conditions or restrictions. Love was just another expression within the culture itself represented in not only in public, but also in its representation through art, writing, and also philosophy. Ancient Times and Love in China

China in the ancient times also was known to have emperors as well as men who had homosexual and heterosexual relations. During the Qing Dynasty, we could see paintings and writing of expressions of love between men. On the opposite side and even today, women were not known to carry-on with homosexual relationships during this ancient time. Love was display done in private but was expressed in their paintings and writings as the other cultures presented in a much more open nature. Love in India

In India love was considered sacred in its own right and in...

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