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Week 2 Overview

Ancient Greece and Rome

Ancient Greece and Rome holds the emergence of philosophy and theatre, music and dance, as well as, the vision that created a classic style of architecture that endures today and the construction of buildings such as the Acropolis in Greece and the Coliseum in Rome. Travelers arrive daily from all over the world to view the ruins of these ancient structures in the hopes of gaining an understanding of the creative mind of that time in human history.

In the ancient Mediterranean the origins of Western culture began to take shape. What is it that the Greeks knew about humanity that stands the test of time? They created classic models for politics, literature, architecture, art, music and dance, all interwoven into the emergence of Philosophy as a body of study. The way we are governed, the books we read, the plays we watch and even some of our sporting events have their origins in classical Greek civilization 2500 years ago.

The classical Greeks placed great importance on human intellect and thought. They were not great empire builders but the influence of their culture was felt throughout the ancient world. Philosophers came to Athens to discuss the fundamental questions that have puzzled humankind throughout the ages. They grappled with the meaning of love and the nature of government, the essence of matter and the importance of mathematics in understanding the world. So much of what the Ancient Greeks contributed to humanity can be found by examining the philosophers of the time.

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are the most renowned of the Greek philosophers. Socrates is often called “The Father of Ethics,” but his most important contribution may have been as “The Father of Critical Thinking.” He believed in an immortal psyche, maintaining that it was the responsibility of each individual to develop the psyche to its highest potential though rigorous debate and...
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