Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking in China

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Situation of Human Trafficking in China 3

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With globalization and regional integration, China is suffering human trafficking which need be effectively solved. Whatever adults or children are at risk of being trafficked and facing several problems namely forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage, illegal adoption, begging and stealing. This essay will analyse what lead to the situation of human trafficking in China. I will suggest the possible solutions of this issue in this essay.


“Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery”, (“Human trafficking”, n.d.).

Nowadays, the Chinese is suffering a fast growing criminal enterprise as human trafficking. Terribly, it is not only an internal issue but also an international issue while globalization and regional integration have contributed to human trafficking becoming the third most widespread criminal enterprise in the world after drugs and weapons trafficking. Human trafficking is contempt of the human rights that human being is traded as goods. When human trafficking became a social problem, it is the duty of government and individuals to find out the origin of human trafficking and to fight against the crime and building a harmonious China ultimately. This essay will state the situation of human trafficking in China and figure out solutions through analysing causes of the issue.

Situation of Human Trafficking in China

China is becoming a source and destination country for adults and children especially female who subjected to forced labor and sexual trafficking. Human trafficking in China has many forms: forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage, illegal adoption, begging and stealing. Migrant workers must be mentioned while talking about human trafficking. Internationally, “around 600,000 workers migrate annually overseas, many of whom are recruited by false promises of employment and later coerced into prostitution or forced labor in numerous countries and territories worldwide” ( The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking [UNIAP] China, 2011). Nevertheless, it is estimated that as many as 90% of the migrant workers are migrating through unregulated channels (UNIAP China, 2011). It is a question that well-organized international criminal teams and local gangs play key roles in both internal and cross-border trafficking. Majority of these workers were forced labor without any insurance and can not back to their home land. Internally, trafficking is most pronounced among China’s internal migrant population ,which is estimated to exceed 150 million people (“Trafficking in Persons Report 2011”, 2011). Forced labor in brick kilns, coal mines, and factories that operate illegally is still remain a noticeable problem. Workers who work here have no guarantee of wage even get abuse by bosses for the hosts take advantage of lax supervision in the poorer regions of China.

Meanwhile, the number of female migrant worker is rasing whatever international or internal, however, China’s Ministry of Public Security reported in January 2011 that the number of Chinese women forced into prostitution overseas is rising as many women fall prey to international criminal gangs. Interiorly, numbers of women were cheated to be a prostitute or fored marriage in remote sites as they...

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