Human Trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Commercial sexual exploitation of children Pages: 6 (2171 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Human trafficking has occurred in the United States for many years. The initial form was in the form of the slave trade. After the official abolition of slavery in 1863, industrialization, expansion into a global economy, and cultural changes have all contributed to the creation of a new form of slavery known as trafficking. The types of human trafficking that occur are forced labor, debt bondage, document servitude, and sex trafficking. These groups of trafficked people fund the formal economy and the illegal economy. Because they lack the protection of the labor standards that is given to employees of the formal economy, these groups are often at high risk of violence, severe exploitation, limited mobility, and deprivation of human rights. While the U.S. has created anti-trafficking laws in attempt to eliminate trafficking and protect its victims, the opposing views of the definition of trafficking, limits the application and enforcement of these laws. In addition, a lack of cohesive national departments to battle trafficking as well as a lack of cohesive data about those who are trafficked have also made it difficult to assess and control human trafficking. Nationwide data collection services, however, are underway with the first national data collection to begin in early 2013 and to be by the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center. About our Professional: Anna Smith BSW began her internship in the triangle area, also in Asheville. She had a passion for trafficking. She went back to Greenville because she was called by God, and started Restore One. They have a website which is known as She started in case management. Winter of 2012, there was a big issue dealing with Pactolis Hwy here in Greenville. Smith used the metaphor of 21st-century slavery. She said that this is happening right now, right in our own backyards. The problem is that few of us are aware of it, and many that are aware, do nothing. RestoreOne is a ministry seeking to open safe houses that offer faith-based residential recovery programs free of cost to survivors of human trafficking. RestoreOne treats every survivor’s experience uniquely through holistic approaches and proven clinical methods that promote healing and restoration. They also counteract human trafficking and human exploitation through community prevention and awareness, education, outreach opportunities and partnerships. The two-fold mission of the agency is to see human trafficking survivors live in complete freedom, and to generate communities that are intolerant of human trafficking and human exploitation. The agency we chose is funded off government grant. Only county in the state with a grant. They also have a full time detective and trafficking is a big problem in Greenville. She only mentioned two stats. North Carolina has been ranked between 7th and 8th in the nation for trafficking. Globally, the crimes of human trafficking and sex trafficking often go unrecognized or unmentioned. Within the United States alone, an estimated one million victims are trafficked daily, including 300,000 American youth. 2011, Polaris project was created a national hot line. NC is 10th for having the most calls. The media appears to be more focused on the criminal aspect rather than the victim aspect. So far there are four shelters in our state. There are less than 100 beds in the nation.While still discussing the Polaris Project, we also learned a host of important statistics involving this world-wide epidemic. Disturbingly, over 75% of girls engage in formal street prostitution controlled by pimps. It gets even worse. Roughly 95% of all commercial sex engaged in by boys is provided to adult males. Usually, the boys start at an earlier age, around eleven, compared to the girls which is around twelve. We also learned that one out of three children are estimated to be approached by a trafficker within...
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