human trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Victim Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: April 26, 2014
Jasmine Johnson
Research Proposal
Dr. Marsal
April 10, 2014

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking because it is a worldwide organized crime. A lot of people do not know that human trafficking is crime that exist all around them, because it is done very secretive and down low. Normally the only way that trafficking will be discovered is by a victim of it speaking out about it. When they speak out about it, is when the authorities can determine where the traffickers are doing their dirty work, and also where they are located. Doing some research on human trafficking I really wanted to figure out how victims are lured into the domestic crime. Women and children from foreign countries are shipped and smuggled into the U.S. This is caused by traffickers telling victims that if they came to America then they would be given passports, ids and that they would be given jobs as well (Smith, 1). Well to their surprise the jobs that they thought would be given turned out to be something completely different. The victims of human trafficking were pretty much used as sex slaves. They had to do hard labor, but only to make money for the traffickers and none for themselves. Women are trafficked to the U.S. largely to work in the sex industry including strip clubs, peep and touch shows, massage parlors that offer sexual services, and prostitution (Smith, 2). They are also trafficked to work in sweatshops, domestic servitude, and agricultural work. Sex traffickers use a variety of ways to condition their victims, including subjecting them to starvation, rape, gang rape, physical abuse, beating, confinement, threats of violence toward the victim and victim’s family, forced drug use, and shame (Dalton 4). Human trafficking is one -of the fastest growing criminal enterprises because it holds relatively low risk with high profit potential. Criminal organizations are increasingly attracted to human trafficking because, unlike drugs, humans can be sold repeatedly. My proposed...
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