Human Trafficking

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: August 10, 2014
Dawn Brown
English III H-4
29 April 2012
Human Trafficking in the United States
Human trafficking is the illegal act of forcing people, commonly women and children, to perform slave actions. Everyone knows human trafficking is a global problem, but most people do not realize it happens in the United States as well. Thousands of people are affected by this awful crime in the U.S. every day and most of the people that commit it are never caught. Sadly, most trafficking cases occur in massage parlors and spas while the customers are completely oblivious to it. The worst part about human trafficking is that kids, who are forced to commit these awful actions, are often caught and arrested for prostitution, vandalism, or curfew violations. Human trafficking is a growing problem and it is time stricter laws are put into place to prevent it from happening.

Tens of thousands of people are being held captive as slaves across the U.S. today (Swartz 2). The reason trafficking has become a typical crime in the U.S. is because victims are too afraid to speak up. Most victims never tell anyone of their situation, out of fear of risking their lives. The story is different for Nade, a woman who overcomes her fear and runs away from her life as a slave (Baldas 2). Nade is currently living in the United States, free and independent, but her traffickers were never caught (Baldas 2). Unfortunately, the problem of most trafficking cases is the same; the traffickers escape without ever being caught.

Victims of human trafficking tend to be children or women who are turned into servants and sex slaves. Most of the victims have the same story; they are brought to America from a foreign country, not knowing the sense of freedom, and think being a prostitute or working as a slave is the best job they can get. The traffickers often promise the victims shelter, food and assurance that their family from their home country will be safe, which is the selling point...
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