Human Trafficking introduction w/ some citing

Topics: Slavery, Prostitution, Human trafficking Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is ____________ and I will be introducing group 5 and our group speech on human trafficking. 1)First, I will be giving you the definition and some history on human trafficking. 2)2nd, _____________ will be speaking to you about the Sex trade portion of human trafficking. 3)3rd, _____________ will be speaking to you about the labor portion of human trafficking. 4)4th, _____________ will be speaking to you about the organ trade aspect of human trafficking. 5)And last but not least, ____________ will be speaking to you about the prevention, laws and solutions for human trafficking and she will also be doing the conclusion to our speech. (Attention grabber)

I’m sure that most of you have a younger brother or sister. Would you be able to put a price on them, and if so, how much are they worth? A child is only worth $1,854.81 to some people. Did you know that the average businessman pays $1,609 for a flight to Bangkok, $211 for a night in a hotel, $22.81 for a meal, $6.50 for a taxi ride and $5 for a child prostitute? HUMAN TRAFFICKING aka WHITE SLAVERY

Human trafficking is a relatively new term that has the same meaning as white slave trading. The Webster-Merriam dictionary defines human trafficking as the organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor) Source: "Human Trafficking."Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2013

Even though human trafficking has been around in many forms, since before written history, it has only truly come to our attention in recent years. Written history
Since the dawn of man, humans have been enslaving and selling and their fellow humans and it is hard to pinpoint an exact time as to when human trafficking first started as it was well over 8,000 years ago before written time but there are others that say that the forced labor of children...
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