Humanities Review 1-4

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Review for Test 1 – Chapters 1 through 4
Chapter 1 – Beginnings of Civilization

1. What is the name of the place where the oldest paintings known to mankind are found? The neanderthal's

2. What happened in the Neolithic period that allowed for communities and villages to develop?Agriculture

3. What two things (according to the book) happen together when civilization begins to develop?Hunting and gathering.

4. What is the name of the area where Sumerians settled? Fertile crescent

5. Name the title of the first great literary work that came out of Mesopotamia. The Epic of Gilgamesh

6. Who did Hammurabi say dictated the laws found on the stele and known as the Law Code of Hammurabi? The Babylonians

7. What do we call the stone slab, shaped at the top like an oval, upon which ancient people carved artwork or writing? Celtic Art

8. How many periods do scholars divide the history of Ancient Egypt into?4

9. Why do we think that Egyptian civilization lasted for so long? Having a strong resistance to change and being controlled by a strong ruler and a powerful government.

10. Who was the first known architect? Imhotep

11. What was the name of the most important god in the New Kingdom of Egypt? Pharaoh Amenhotep IV

12. Who discovered the ruins of the civilization that came before the Mycenaeans? Heinrich Schliemann

13. What is the colossal structure/statue next to the Great Pyramids called? The Great Sphinx

Chapter 2 – Early Greece

14. What war did Homer base his Iliad and Odyssey around? Trojan War

15. What epic poem recounts Achilles’ exploits in the Trojan war?The Iliad

16. Define polis.Greek self-serving city state.

17. What is the main difference between Greek religion and Judaism or Christianity?Greek religion taught the new and old testaments also involved in folktales, traditional rituals, Christianity involved teachings of Satan,bible,and prayer

18. What two opposing philosophies/aspects represent Apollo and Dionysus in Greek THINKING. Apollo represented logic and order,power of the mind. Dionysus was the God of emotions and his influence led to violence and disorder.

19. Who is the first known author of Western literature? Homer

20. Why is pottery emphasized in the study of the first 300 years of “Greek” art? Small amount of art has survived.

21. What is a meander? Maze patter, used in Geometric pottery decoration

22. What was the basis or source of Corinth’s political and economic power in the 6th century B.C.E.? The cells, pottery of their art

23. What was a major impact that tyrants had on society?the seized power from the aristctians

24. Define the “archaic smile.”A facial expression

25. What is a mode? A scale

26. Define the term “Doctrine of Ethos.” Music given in importance of a place in the writings.

27. What is the name of the double-reeded instrument popular in Greek music? Aulos

28. What is the name of the first known woman to leave a record of her personal feelings? Sappho

29. Who is Herodotus? Herodotus was the first great historian writer to devote himself historical writing than poetry. Also one of the greatest story tellers.

Chapter 3 – Classical and Hellenistic Greece

30. What name is given to the period between the Persian and Alexander the Great? The Classical Period

31. What is the reason for the Greeks’ study of human thought and behavior? Human body

32. Who was Pericles? Leader of the Athenian democracy in 443 B.C.E.

33. What was the primary function of Greek theater? Entertainment for show, and movies

34. Who wrote the Oresteia trilogy and also considered the first important Greek dramatist? Aeschylus

35. What is the name of the dramatist who concerned himself with the plight of women? Euripides

36. What events do Plato’s Apology, Crito, and Phaedra cover? Apology talks about Socrate's last days, Crito is in the prison where Socrate's refuses o escape, and Phaedra tells Socrate's...
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