Illegal Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Prostitution is the number one course of sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, global human trafficking and violent crimes including rape and homicide while opponent of legalizing prostitution believe it will reduce crime, improve public health, help people out of poverty, get people off the street and many more reasons. People consider prostitution as one of the world’s oldest professions. Actually, whether prostitution is the oldest profession or not it is evil and should not be legalized. Now the main question in the world and mostly in Africa is, should prostitution be legalized?

  Prostitution should be illegal in Africa in other to reduce the spread of HIV, human trafficking and other transmitted diseases. Prostitution is the leading vector for AIDS and other transmitted diseases because a prostitute sleeps with a whole lot of men. The average prostitute services 10-15 clients per day. This means that while a prostitute's test results are becoming positive and results are becoming known, that prostitute may expose up to thousand of clients to HIV. And usually most of those not know who their clients are. I mean they just meet one day and they are ready to get satisfied with sexual activities without seeing a doctor to take a test to see their chances of being with each other sexually.

                              Prostitution should be abolished for the safety of children. Children need people to always look up to society as they grow. If prostitution is not stopped now, we might someday only see prostitute in the society which this children will like to be like them. On the bright side, if prostitution is abolished, those children we consider as future leaders will become responsible adults to look to and will wont to be like them. For instance, when my mom is a doctor, I will look up to her and wont to become like her. This will give me a brighter future...
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