Impact of Strong Organizational Culture

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Organizational success relies on the how to operate the business in a effective and productive way.Leaders of the organizations are looking for effective ways to organize business in an simple way. Also, a high commitment is another requirement for ensuring employees’ good performance. Employers who get involvement in the management is responsible for leading employees to understand organizational culture. If members of organizations can understand the organizational culture very well, their performance can be improved effectively. Nowadays, as an accepted common value and fundamental conceptions in the corporation, strong and inclusive organizational culture has been mentioned frequently(Braşov 2011, P.112). POPA (2011,P.114) indicates that ‘It integrates everything that defines the success of an organization.’As per Schein (1990, P.113), defines stong and inclusive organizational culture is a necessary collections of believes and values that contribute to a successful corporation. A strong and inclusive Organizational culture plays an important role in forming productive and highly successful organizations(Plessis,Visagie&Wijnbeek 2011, P.122). It plays an critical role in forming effective communication and decision-making process, promoting innovative activities and encouraging employees’ performance in the organization.

Strong and inclusive organizational culture plays a critical role in improving productivity of organizations (Sheridan 1992; Glisson and Hemmelgarn 1998; Hemmelgarn et al. 2001; Glisson and James 2002, cited in Mahal 2009, P.1). As Kopelman(1990, P.291)defined Organizational productivity indicates the effectiveness with which input is turned into output in an organization. Strong organizational culture improve efficiency of organizations,then,high productivity can be achieved. Under the guild line of the organizational culture, members of organization share common values and act with the normal reference ,therefore, this...

Cited: in Mathew 2007, P.680). On the other hand, a good understanding of organizational goals and objectives simulate the cooperation of employees and enhance the objective can be implemented in a productive way. Mahal (2009,P.39)argue that a strong organizational culture can heighten morale of employees and promote them to cooperate with each other during work. By this way, a team work can be formulated , which helps them become a community, rather than just general employees waiting for a payment. As a result, final goals of the organization can be achieved through effective cooperation among employees.
Strong and inclusive organizational culture contributes positively to excellent performance of employees. As Douglas (2010, P.23) stated, shared believes and values lead employees’ daily working behaviour in the organizations. These norms are footstone of organizational culture, which have a compact relationship with employees’ performance. First of all, Strong and inclusive organizational culture connect with employees’ commitment positively.It strength commitment of employees within the organization ( Saffold 1998 ,P.550). As (Mowday et al., 1979, P.224) defined, commitment is a strong attitude to accept organizational values and goals; a willingness to contribute themselves more to the organization; and a strong aspiration to be a member that attach to the organization.If employees are more committed to the organization, then some negative performance will be eliminated in the organization. As a result, organization performs productively. For instance, turnover is a classic negative element that will increase costs related with recruitment and training of replacements(Zahrt cited in Simmons 2005,P.200).Organizational commitment has been recognized as a strong predictor of turnover. Employees who are commitment to their companies are less probably to quit than those who are not(Zajzc 1990, P.13 ). Secondly,As a guideline for fundamental values and norms of organization, strong and inclusive organizational culture provide character and basic elements of the organization.If the individual characters can match the organizational culture, then, the their performance can be optimized consequently. Shahzad,Luqman&Khan(2012,P.982)demonstrated that adjusting individual characters and make it matched with organizational culture, productive performance will be achieved. Overall,strong and inclusive organizational culture contributes to highly performance of employees within organization.
Different people has different individual values and characters within an organization.Due to this problem,organizational culture are introduced.Based on the common values and norms that shared by people in the organization, inclusive and strong organizational culture is a guideline for leading employees’s daily behaviors in the organization. By utilizing the stong and inclusive organizational culture, any complicated and ambiguous process can be simplified, then, unnecessary misunderstanding can be avoided. Moreover, cost related to sophisticated exchange process can be reduced.In addition,decision can be made productively. Also,a strong organizational culture influences performance of employees positively. Gallagher (2008,P.543) , demonstrated that profitable business relies on the good performance of employees. If everyone develop in a common path ,a positive development can be realized in the organization. When it comes to innovation, inclusive and strong organizational culture also play an important role in inspiring employees to involve in innovative and creative activities, which result in highly beneficial and productivity of the organization. Overall,strong and inclusive organizational culture combines everything in terms of style of leadership, the characters, the norms and values that are shared by people in the organization. it integrates everything that related to success of an organization.
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