Importance of Values and Organizational Behavior

Topics: Organization, Value, Culture Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: September 12, 2011
There are three primary purposes to this paper. The first is that the paper aims to describe why personal values are important. Obtaining a clear definition as to what values are varies from person to person. According to the paper values are the things that matter most to an individual (Posner, & Munson, 1979). Values are crucial to understanding behavior. Values allows a person to assess what is just and fair what they are willing to sacrifice in order to obtain something. Values are what eventually allow groups to bond together and find commonality. Second, is where and why personal values are important in the business world. Understanding values is a benefit to both employees and managers and have implications in policy for organizations. From the employee and manager perspective understanding values helps managers create effective motivational structures. This allows a manager to use the right kind of motivational tool to encourage workers to be more efficient in their duties. From an organizational perspective being able to match values of a particular job to an employee is beneficial. Matching the employee with the right manager is also important as conflicts between employees and managers often stem from value differences (Posner, & Munson, 1979). Groups that have similar values tend to work better together in general, reach an agreement on a decision more quickly and feel more confident that those in groups where they have more differences. Finally, according to the paper they use a tool called Rokeach Value Survey. This survey measures value systems. It can differentiate between groups of people such as managers and employees and predict successful from non successful employees (Posner, & Munson, 1979). The survey can help businesses evaluate the values that employees in a company have and understand them better. I believe that values play a very important role in not only the day to day interaction between employees and managers but...
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