Indian Economy

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PRMB022 Organisational Behaviour Assignment #2

Case Study


Stimulus Article

The article on which this assignment is based,
‘WA Police documents reveal bullying, corruption, discrimination’, can be found at


You work for a consulting firm that has been contracted by the WA Police Commissioner to advise on how they would establish a more positive culture.


The Commissioner wants you to complete a report that outline: 1.



What needs to change in the culture to make it more positive, i.e., what must be done to address the concerns detailed in the
stimulus article, and
How the Commissioner should manage the change process to
give the organisation the best chance of changing in the desired fashion

The reason for conducting this assignment as a case study is to give you the opportunity to apply the theories to a real organisation in a scenario that is realistic and therefore, complex. There is no easy solution to identifying how to change a culture or how to manage that change to a successful conclusion. This assignment lets you

experience that complexity and challenge without the additional pressure of actually working for the organisation.
It is meant to test your ability to consider how best to apply the theory, but it is not meant to be impossible. With appropriate research of the relevant unit topics (see below), you should be able to develop a range of options for recommendation. The task is then to figure out which might be suitable for the WA Police and how to implement those changes.


You have 2500 words in which to address those two issues for the Commissioner. You should aim for a split of that word count of about 50% for each issue, but must not make the split more than 60-40, i.e., your discussion of either...
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