Individual Analysis Paper on Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Organizational studies, Organization, Organizational structure Pages: 8 (2501 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Individual Analysis Paper

Albert Sherman

September 30, 2011

MGMT 320-52

Robert J. Niemi, Ph. D

1. What is the brief history of the company and its line of business is it involved in? Background/History:
The field of Social Services happens to be one of the many areas in the State of Minnesota that provide serves to people with Developmental Disabilities and also mental health/behavioral. It can be further complicated by the overwhelming number of service options, multiple home care companies and other people’s opinions of what’s best. Seeing the need to serve these people Jamie Fenh was move to establish a company that will meet the needs of these people. Thereby in 2003 Pinnacle Services (PS) was founded to be a part of that industry catering to these people. PS compassionately responded to the need for assistance by offering an array of home care services. Its mean mission is to ensure that quality services are provided to the consumers they serve, so that those consumers may achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. PS sets out to achieve this mission by utilizing, investing, and celebrating their consumer’s needs, dreams, and choices in regards to where they live, learn, work and play. PS provides innovative support to help people achieve their personal goals and improve the quality of their lives. Their services are flexible. They meet each individual’s needs for design, delivery and level of support. It is PS’s goal to help the people they serve attain their highest level of achievement. They support them and their families in meeting their needs and accomplishing their goals. In addition, Pinnacle Services brings cultural diversity, consumer satisfaction, person-centered services, high standards and proven quality to the consumers they serve. Its competencies are to have the benefit of a shared administrative, highly motivated team with years of experience and knowledge to draw on. PS seeks to empower people to achieve their full potential and to realize their dreams. They are committed to creating and expanding opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. This is demonstrated by their agencies contribution to the realization of an individual’s choice of caregivers, support, housing, and employment opportunities. Organizational Design/Culture:

1. How is it structured as regard to organization?
2. What is the culture of the organization?
The very nature of the field of industry requires one to be very flexible and be willing to quickly adapt to the non-ending changes that comes with it. This flexibility is one those traits that is seen in the amongst many employees within the organization. Pinnacle Services has many reasons for its success however the one that sticks out the most is its friendly and family oriented work environment that it has within its walls of employment. The polychronic culture exhibited by Jamie fehn, the Administrative Director, has largely contributed to the social nature of the company. More over the diversity of the people that PS employees is over whelming. This team includes culturally and professionally diverse staff with training in social work, psychology, special education, counseling, nursing, program management, financial management and documentation management. The CEO pointed out that PS, “We employ talented professionals who have completed a rigorous training which meets or exceed the requirements of the Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Health, and of industry standards.” Its shared value /philosophy is to support individuals only as much as they require and to teach them the skills necessary to obtain and maintain community employment. PS is very careful in its interview process due to the interest it takes in finding qualified, energetic and caring employees to help support individuals improving their lives and helping all those who support and surround them. These highly qualify workers must meet...

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