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Topics: Peloponnesian War, Sparta, Ancient Greece Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Yes, I do believe everything Pericles sys in his speech Athens in the Funeral Oration. When Pericles was asked to give the official funeral oration for the Athenian soldiers who had died at one of the opening battles of the Peloponnesian War, he took the occasion not only to praise the dead, but Athens itself, in a speech which has been praised as enshrining the highest ideals of democracy and condemned as blatant propaganda on behalf of a warlike, imperialistic state, which--despite what Pericles says--was heartily detested by its allies. Note that he praises not only his city's freedom, but its empire. It was its oppressive and aggressive rule over this empire that was eventually to lead to Athens' downfall in the Peloponnesian War. It is unlikely that Pericles uttered precisely these words, since it was customary for ancient historians to invent the speeches of the figures they wrote about, based on what they knew about them; but it certainly reflects the attitudes of many Athenians. Pericles uses the speech of the Funeral Oration to promote Athens. He believed in his people and through this speech he was able to get the people to be proud to be Athenians. Athenians were very proud of their city and its customs. They had a great deal of respect for the warrior class and believed they were top members of their society. Warriors were classified as heroes. The funeral oration was to respect the ones who had died in battle or after battle to build this city into what it had become and praise them for being so dedicated to defending their country. It focused on Athens and the ancestors and how without their past and current dedication of citizens Athens would not be what it was. Pericles truly believed in his citizens even at his death he believed that Athens was truly the best. “And if our more remote ancestors deserve praise, much more do our own fathers, who added to their inheritance, the empire that we now process, and spared no pains to be able to...
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