Informed Opinion Outline

Topics: Prostitution in Nevada, Prostitution, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (299 words) Published: November 24, 2014
Informed Opinion Outline

Topic: Prostitution Should be Legal
It is a career/job choice selected by the person performing the job It has the potential for large financial profit
It is highly regulated and safer than illegal prostitution
It generates tax revenue for the counties that allow it
Personal Opinion:
Women should have the right to work in this field safely, and without harsh punishment for a service that is elsewhere considered to be profitable and respected.

Support and Statistics:'s Hillary Reinsberg reports in How I was a Prostitute, without ever breaking a law; an unnamed woman reported “The first thing I have to say is that I was not abused, I don't drink or do drugs and I don't come from a troubled home-my parents just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.” “I became a working girl because I really love having sex and I like the money”

According the CDC in Nevada; women have to undergo weekly pap smear as well required HIV screenings and condoms are also mandatory.

In in article from Family Planning Perspectives it sates that a study conducted in the US on the Prevalence of the HIV infection among female prostitutes Zero out of the 35 prostitutes from southern Nevada were positive for HIV and 25 percent out of the 59 from Newark, New Jersey (where prostitution is illegal) were positive.

In the Article “Nevada's Leagl Brothels Make Workers Feel Safer” in the New York Times Written by Barbara G Brent (University of Las Vegas Professor in the Dpeartment of Sociaology) she writes that “In legal Brothels, employees report that they feel safe, are free to come and go, and are bound only by their contract” “ Workers report that they felt Largely safe because the police, employers and co-workers were there to protect them”
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